Visitax Mexico

Visitax Mexico

Visitax Online application for Mexico

All visitors are required to get a QR code after visiting the Yucatan Peninsula and other destinations such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Isla Mujeres,Tulum and Quintana Roo state.

3 EASY STEPS to pay the visitax:

1. Fill out the application form

Just fill out the questionnaire by providing your names, age, and passport numbers.

2. Make payment with Credit card

The QR code can be purchased with any credit card or PayPal.

3. Receive the tax receipt in via your email

A QR barcode will be sent to your email address in 1 hour

how to pay visitax online ?

  • The online application form can be found here
  • The online application form lets you add up to 10 visitors
  • Visitax QR code can be paid at the airport, but it is recommended you avoid the line and pay online.
  • In 2022 Mexico Visitax QR code for travelers will be required before you board your flight. Sometimes referred to as Visitax Mexiko or Mexique.